Diode Testing

The steps required for testing of a diode rectifier are as

  • Take a good quality digital multimeter
  • Set the range in the diode position
  • On the display you should get a 3 or an infinite voltage reading depending upon the multimeter used
  • Connect the red probe to the cathode and the black
    probe to the anode of the diode

  • The display will immediately show the low forward
    voltage drop (rectifier diode) of around 0.6 volts

  • Now reverse the connections, the display will return to its
    original reading indicating that the diode is a good one

  • If the meter displays any other reading, the diode may be
    leaky or faulty while a 0000 reading means a short

    There are other methods, but this is about the simplest method. Depending on the type of multimeter you are using. Other methods that can be used is the resistance test method ie testing the resistance in the forward and reverse biased manner.

    Don’t forget to post your comment and questions.

    written by Anthony

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