What is a resistor

A resistor is nothing magic. Take a long wire and
measure the resistance, and you will realize that
resistance is just a normal property of wires (except
for superconductors).
Some resistors are made up of just that. A long
But you can also find resistors made of other types
of materials. Like this carbon film resistor:

What Does The Resistor Do To My Circuit?
The resistor is a passive device and doesn’t do
anything actively to your circuit.
It’s actually a pretty boring device. If you add some
voltage to it, nothing really happens. Well, maybe it
gets warm, but that’s it.
BUT, by using resistors, you can design your circuit
to have the currents and voltages that you want to
have in your circuit.
So the resistor gives the designer control over his
circuit! How about that?
Learn To Work With Resistors
In the beginning of my electronics career I thought it
seemed like resistor were just randomly placed
around a circuit and I thought that you didn’t really
need them.

For example I remember seeing a circuit with a 9V
battery, a resistor and an LED. Then I tried using
only the battery and the LED, and it still worked!
But after a few seconds the LED turned really hot.
So hot I almost burned my fingers. Then I started to
realize that maybe there was something to these
Learning to work with resistors is important in
electronics. One fundamental skill you should learn
is how to use Ohm’s law.
Learn about choosing a resistor.
And when you are ready to take it a step further,
here are some more articles about working with
resistors and Ohm’s law:

  • Basic electronics
  • The voltage divider
  • Simplifying complex circuits
  • Some fundamentals laws
  • Serial and parallel circuits

    Functions of resistor

    written by Anthony

  • 2 thoughts on “What is a resistor

      1. Actually, A resistor doesn’t “do” anything actively. But you
        use it to set the right current or voltage level. Because the resistor plays many roles in a circuit, one of which is to reduce in-rush of current for protection of components like LED, transistor, IC etc, it is used in timing with a capacitor as used in 555IC. In short, its works are numerous.

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